If you’re traveling for the holidays, why not stop by the Raphic hotel down Barker Road. It’s the slice of paradise you’ve been looking for to get that much-deserved relaxation and recreation. It’s part of the Hirpac hotel and Fitness chain that has a reputation for style, elegance, and unmatchable services. Our instructors, with years of experience, have the knowledge you need to start living a healthier life.

There’s a spa and sauna available too for a detoxification program so that your journey to fitness is easy as pie.

Raphic hotel, Barker Road is built by the seaside where surfing lessons are offered all day to prevent the novices from tasting the wipeouts.


The rooms are equipped with 1 Gb internet for fast connectivity. Everything about our decor was designed for your enjoyment. There’s black marble in the bathrooms and white marble in the hallways with adjustable LED lighting that can be set for any mood.

Our restaurant is a Michelin star winner with a five-star chef who’s got something for everyone including vegetarians. Visit Raphic where the ineffable experience is only one call away.