The rain in the Idari forest was finally subsiding. The leaves glistened with a healthy green sheen from their shower. One lone tree stood dry drops seemed to roll off its tip. At its base, the chosen one stirred from his sleep. A golden beetle buzzed near him. 

“Get up Adenesis,” it whispered in his ear. “Destiny waits for you in the east.”

“MMMffmm,” he mumbled as he turned West. Destiny would have to find another date. 

“What is wrong with you man?” the voice yelled exasperated. 

“Nothing, I mean we’ve been over this a hundred times,” Adenesis replied.  

“Yes we have and you still don’t get it. You’re the chosen one, West is where the cursed child of evil lives. His powers continue to grow and you are needed to liberate these lands.”  

“but I heard he brought piped water to the village, I don’t know….” 

“He is cursed, you are chosen that is all there is to it!!!” The beetle emitted a shower of rainbow sparks in fury.  

Adenesis was torn between throwing it into the river and cutting it with his sword. One slash, it wouldn’t even see it. The beetle was a messenger of the gods though. Killing it could have unforeseen consequences, the kind he was avoiding as he avoided Jedani.  

He tightened his sandals, “Fine I’ll go.”  

“Yes! Finally!”  The beetle yelled out, “the destiny is fulfilled!” 

“What weapons will you use?” the beetle asked,  “the spear, the whip? North is where Chokia the greatest smith to ever live resides. He owes me a debt I can help you train more….” 

“A beer mug,”  said Adenesis.  

“Beer mug?” 

“Yes, I’ll challenge him to a drinking game.”  

“Are you kidding me?” The beetle yelled, “of all the stupid, immature, outrageous destiny fulfillments there has ever been this takes the cake. It’s even worse than when Danjuan defeated the beast by being nice to its children.” 

“Well, what I’m I supposed to do? We grew up together and he was always helpful in the kitchen. There’s no way my mother’s allowing me to kill him.”










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