Inside the Dazari homestead, words flew like projectiles

“This place is going to blow up! There is no way that the crew over there are going to break that meteor in time!” Nadan yelled to his wife Diane.

“How do you know this?” she shot back, “You’ve seen the calculations. There’s a chance.”

“It’s all hypothetical. Nobody knows how those instruments will operate under such velocity not to mention other factors. The portal works though.”

“Fine, I don’t want to leave. This has been our home for eons are we really going to let a meteor drive us away?”

“Well, I’m sure the dinosaurs support your view but they aren’t here to vote. We’ve been over this a thousand times dear.”

“I’m not leaving. You know there’s no coming back once you go through and I’m not yet ready.” Diane replied.

Nadan looked at his wife who in turn was looking to the sky. At that moment it dawned on him that Diane would never leave. A rougher man would have hoisted her onto his shoulder and dragged her out but he’d never been that kind of man.

“Fine. I’m leaving.” He handed her a device. “You know how it works and where to find us. Godspeed my dear.”

He kissed her before she could protest and tell him that she didn’t believe in God. He was off in a few minutes heading to the transportation area.

Diane headed back in and took a few moments on her rocking chair. As she swung to and fro her skin began to darken and turn purple, wrinkles on her face disappeared and two sharp bones jutted out from her elbows.

She activated her communicated.

“The last of them are leaving. In another month those who are left will be too few to offer any resistance.”

“Great work Dilali,” came the response in a series of whistles.

“I told you we didn’t need to fight,” she gloated.

“Yes dear, that’s why I married you,” he replied.

“Once you get off that damn rock I better be the first person you meet!” she ordered. Then, as if thinking it could be said better she purred out, “I’ve missed you love.”

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