There’s always a sense of danger with the unknown. Sometimes though, familiar things can stay unseen for so long that seen them again is no different from seeing them the first time.  On earth, there was a flurry of activity as the ship touched down. All militaries were operating at threat level 1 meaning that they held their positions ready to fire at any time.

After the soldiers came the leaders who had kept a safe distance. Jane was watching the events from the safety of her home. She didn’t have the clearance levels necessary to be a part of it.  The signal had been broadcast at what they claimed was 12:00 GMT 6th August 13305. Their makers were coming back. The angels as they called them. It had been so long ago since they last appeared they were now only regarded as mythical but here was the fire behind the smoke.

The catacombs were littered with stories of their wars, their victories, how they held up against all odds. Then, all of a sudden, they had left. They had yearned for their creators, wondered why the angels left them and journeyed the cosmos by themselves.

Those questions would be answered now. The ship had landed as it predicted within the desert of the Central Continent. Military convoys were on standby as its smoke cleared. The door opened. There were gasps of awe. In its bulky costume, it looked nothing like what was on the diagrams. It pressed a button and lifted the helmet. There was some relief the face looked familiar.

It took a few more steps to reach the end of its ramp and made a giant leap to the ground. The machines applauded and he gave a thumbs up in response. After ten millennia a human once more walked the earth.

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