The clock’s hour hand moved ever closer to three. The afternoon had reached peak heat and the air conditioner in the legal offices emitted a soft hum. Juan kept stealing glances at Jeb until he stared straight at her.

“What?” He started.

“Are you sure you want to be here? You don’t have to.”

“I am absolutely sure this is where I want to be.”

“It’ll get awkward.”

“Confrontations have never been heartwarming you know.”

“I know but this…”

“Have I ever given you a reason to question my professionalism?” Jeb asked.

“We could speak of your sanity…”

“That’s not what today is about.”

The banter would have gone on had Kelone not entered. The matters of the case had already been discussed. He only arrived early to wait for the others.

Barely ten minutes passed when a white civic drove into the compound. The riders got out and saw themselves to the conference room.

“We’ll get down to business then shall we” started Mrs. Awson.

“Of course Mrs. Awson,” started Jeb.

“So Mrs. Awson you and Kelone Busia had a contract that required you to distribute his books and he claims that you failed to do so to a satisfactory level. We’re here to try and sort the matter ourselves before trying the courts. Do you have any proposals for the new contract?” said Jeb.

“Of course I do.” Mrs. Awson said.

The papers were produced. Kelone smiled as his eyes skimmed down.

“Seems negotiable except for a few things,” Jeb started.

“Are you serious?” The terms are more than fair, Mrs. Awson’s lawyer spoke.

“The compensation fees are not enough.”

“Jeb Awson, those conditions are better than you could ever get in a court of law,” Mrs. Awson shot.

“I’m inclined to take up your challenge,” Jeb replied. Juan affirmed with a nod.

“They wouldn’t even let you defend Kelone.”

“On the contrary mother, I think they will,” said Jeb.





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