Image from Fatima Deria

“The umpteenth time.”

The vague status was sent to the world through Antonio’s feed before he started cleaning the decks but what should’ve been written was, “This is the umpteenth time I’m covering your shift. I swear I’m reporting you brother.” And it should have been a text message, only sent to one.

It wasn’t long before Giovanni came inspecting the docks.

“looks good.”

“Thank you, sir” Antonio responded.

“And where’s your brother?”

An image of Luca still sleeping flashed through Antonio’s mind. The words played on his tongue…

“He came early, did his part and left,” Antonio responded.



99 words of story inspired by Rochelle Wisoff’s Friday Fictioneers. You can read more great stories written by other writers here.


12 thoughts on “Brotherly Love

    1. Thank you. I’ve written a few times before but I think it was like 2-3 months ago. I guess I might as well be new πŸ™‚


  1. Okay, yeah, brotherly love and all that. BUT–the industrious brother is teaching the lazy one that he can continue being lazy. At some point, he needs to be held accountable. It’s truly what would be best for him.

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