Reven needed a drink. Not the kind people drown with in victory but the ones swallowed painfully in defeat. He was beaten, broken and a few heartbeats from joining the damned. His armour stuck to his skin where the heat had scorched both, searing skin and liquifying metal. If he lived through it, he’d never show the left side of his face again. Ahead of him, corpses lay scattered. There were too few people left to bury them, this would be their final resting place for years. Maybe forever. Behind him, princess Avali stood in a small spot of green grass, one of the few places that had been untouched.

A shadow swooped over him. He cast his eye skyward to see the dragon gliding through taking a headcount of all dead. He turned to look at Avali. She looked at him with a look of concern. He remembered his duty and began crawling towards her. The ground trembled with the dragon’s landing and it let out a roar in his direction.

Reven turned and his eyes met the orange ones of the dragon.  It breathed out, enveloping him in a cloud of steam.

“You want her that much!” He yelled. It stepped closer.

“There she’s yours! Take her!” he rolled aside making a clear path towards Avali.

The dragon took a step closer to Avali. Once more, it let out a breath of smoke and steam that enveloped her.

She let out a giggle, “you have to stop doing that, this is serious Waras.”  The creature let out a grunt of disapproval as if warning her she was not allowed to give orders. It nudged her belly and she stroked its head in approval.

“I didn’t think you’d come,” Avali said.

Waras rumbled in a way only she could understand, “how could I not?”

“It’s been so long,”

“Not long enough I guess,”

“Will you take me home then?”

Waras bent lower, inviting her to sit on its back. When she was comfortably on, it beat its wings and once more was in the sky.

“I think you need to land in the backyard,” said Avali, “People need that see my imaginary friends aren’t so imaginary.”


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