Where is the inventor of an interdimensional portal treated as a joke?

At a meeting of other interdimensional portal inventors. Who would have though that there were other dimensions with other versions of myself, all having achieved what I had in half the time. Every meeting was the prequel to a failure induced panic attack. They ruled their planets with sheer charisma while I fumbled with my career as a lecturer. My portal had been dismissed as a joke by my colleagues and I had only made it thanks to the money I inherited.

The annual meetings became more embarrassment than breakthroughs for me. Worst of it, they were all understanding about it. I was just another version of them they said.  There was never admonishment for my shortcomings only empathy. Eventually, communication died, reunion dates were missed. I never even revealed the portal worked to others here lest they discover the better versions of me out there.

Five years in darkness went by before the device flared up on its own. I noticed an incoming traveler. I switched it on and sheer magnificence streamed out. He looked just like the others except in ceremonial military uniform medals attached to his chest shone in excellence. The field behind him was not of a planet but from space. A convoy of spaceships stretched out behind him further than the eye could see.

I stumbled up to welcome this being who could have ruled over any other version of me with ease. “Welcome to Earth,… Earth Position 54f 2017,” I stumbled “Which dimension are you from?”

“This one,” he calmly replied.

“This one?”


“That doesn’t make sense, I mean I’m this dimension’s me…unless I’m not me, then I’m an impostor, but I can’t be an impostor, I mean, then who I’m I? Do you get my drift?” I laughed nervously.

He chuckled back, “I am of this dimension Kuria, I am just not from the present, I’m from the future.”

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