I don’t think we’ve met or will ever meet for that matter but allow me to introduce myself. I’m Zek and I’m a stream-rider. You’ve probably never heard of us. We’re zipping through the universe at the speed of light eating photons for nutrition and shitting heat as waste. It’s quite a fun existence. We usually reside in places where there’s heat or the kind of chemicals that we know are prone to produce light then the moment it’s produced we’re off after it, chomping the photons along the stream as we travel at the same speed when we get enough we can change direction and go in any way as fast as we came. That’s right, I propel myself at C.

The life of a stream-rider is exceptionally fun. We get to travel all expenses paid and you wouldn’t imagine the view you get riding in a light stream from one place to the next. I’ve seen some strange things on earth. My father taught that this planet is inhabited by many slower moving beings that are alive and capable of many wondrous things. He says they’re led by what they humans.

I don’t know, maybe. I do see them but how could a living thing stay that still for so long? The myth is that they live for years. I’ve had 4 seconds of wonderful life and that’s been enough to learn everything I needed to. My dad’s on his 7th. Most of us only make it to the eighth. Nine-second-old stream riders are few and anyone who makes it to ten seconds has their name passed down from generation to generation.

The only problem with zipping off at C is sometimes you run into dark pockets. If you’re lucky it’s cold enough that you enter into a suspended state to be awakened when things warm up then once more off you go chomping on the photons and having kids.

One of the older stream riders thought that we should reveal ourselves to these other beings. You know when we die we give off a glorious burst of light. So when we age, some of us head up to the North and South poles of Earth to give off that last big sparkle. My dad’s going there. Hopefully, this Aurora light as we call it gets seen by you.

I found that I could manipulate electric current, play with some of these giant devices to send messages. Hopefully, it turns out coherent. I hope you get it human. Right now I’m in a phone and the flash is about to go off. According to my dad, when I entered this device the one in the black suit was sending a message. He was saying he loved her and he’ll take care of their child no matter what. He seemed to be hiding it from the one in the white dress I don’t know why, but I’m bringing it to light. Sorry for having a baby on your thing by the way but he won’t stay there long. I’ve taught him everything there is to know about being a mature and responsible stream-rider. I feel the current moving, it’s almost on, guess I have to go. To the next adventure now. Here’s looking at you kid. Snap!

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