Our fear of the unknown was at a major conflict with our desire to meet alien life but here we were. They had come through a wormhole they generated bypassing all of our satellites and monitoring equipment to appear within five kilometres of the planet’s atmosphere.

To say that they were friendly would be like calling a supernova mildly warm. They were ecstatic to have finally found life away from their home planets and oozed camaraderie. We were in the middle of a world-war, again, our attempts to settle differences so that we could create a better inter-planetary defense raised chuckles from them. They could leap across stars in the blink of an eye, their planet was unified, they had spread to colonize several others and all operated under one government. It wouldn’t have taken all of them to vaporize us out of existence, it could be done as some cadet training in less than a day.

They didn’t though. They preached unity, got involved in our conflicts, they helped us solve disputes and as we did they began to share their technology. Apparently, our alien visitors had fought among themselves more than once. The peace that we saw was only the result of years of progress and sacrifice.

They weren’t condescending only light years ahead. They inspired us to be better hoping one day we could pay back their generosity. They couldn’t be paid back though but as we searched for life in other galaxies we vowed to show them the peaceful way our alien friends taught us: The human way.

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