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Sesios floated through the portal with an overriding feeling of nausea. The days of being asked to summon such devices had long passed. However, even then, he had never felt like this. He sped to the light eager to end his awful journey but as he flew out it became dark, pitch black. For a long time, he felt the familiar feeling of being trapped in a lamp. He cursed to himself. Had he known it would start like this he might not have made this journey.

Eventually, though, the magnetic pull began as someone rubbed him out.  Instead of floating gracefully to the ceiling of where he was he stumbled to the ground. He dusted himself and the dust erupted in sparks making him jump back in surprise.

“Hello there,” a voice said in Zinism.

He turned to see who had summoned him out. It was a tall being, almost 9 feet in length. One of the apex species of this realm.

“Yes, yes, wondrous Ziniast, you have summoned me and I must grant your wish. I have often heard of you but never actually seen one in the flesh. Today is such a great day, what do you wish of me?”

“I wish that you would make my farm the best farm on planet Zin.”

“That sounds a simple wish,” Sesios started,  “I have to warn you Ziniast I am not the most pleasant of genies. After I grant my wish I will take the soul of the one you value the most.”

The Ziniast stared at him the way a fighter on a steroid cycle would stare at an anorexic model threatening to beat him.

“And how will you do this?”

“Well now,” Sesios spread out his arms and gathered his energy to expand into the horizon. He shut his eyes waiting to exhale as he spread out across this world but all he did was blow out some air.  He tried it again this time with more concentration and for that, the most he could do was release a weak fart.

“You genies are a funny lot,” The Ziniast said as it pushed him forward.  You always talk of this unrivaled power that you have but I have never seen it.

“There are others?”

“Yes, of course, many many of them, all released by rubbing lamps and all claiming to have the power to destroy worlds when lifting rocks is the best you can do.”

“Where are the others?” Sesios asked in shock.

“They are there on my farm fulfilling my wish to be the owner of the best farm on this planet or the best miner, it really depends.”

“With no power?” Sesios asked feeling what he imagined was fear though he had never felt it.

“Well, your power to lift rocks is exceptional, now move! I accept your terms now go grant me my wish!”

With those words, Sesios felt compelled to pick up a hoe and dig for this creature until it was in charge of the best farm in the world.



One thought on “Wish Granted: Part 3

  1. I’ve been a bit busy these past two weeks and haven’t managed to do the one story every weekday as I like. Hopefully, next week I’ll be back to my regular schedule.


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