From a distance, the Rakaniri flower is a thing of beauty. Its orange petals with streaks of blue burst open each morning releasing nectar with the hypnotizing smell of perfume that draws you closer, “come get me,” it seems to call out. It grows on the deep marshes and lakes of Planet Desna. If you take a dive down, you’ll see it’s luminous green stem with spots glowing amber red like its smoldering within.

It’s too bad that many heed its call. You see a plant that good can’t sustain itself on minerals from the soil. It needs flesh, most times it’s yours. As you get closer, its flower seems to open even wider as if ready for inspection. The moment you touch its centre, it triggers an action that has the flower shut tight and pull underwater whatever its caught. Even if you manage to break free, you have to swim to the top that’s almost 50 metres high and that’s if you manage to get out of the entanglement of vines that come when it closes. Did I mention that this flower is one metre in radius? It’s consumed, fish, birds. In some cases a few larger animals

They should have learned to not mess with it, but they do. I mean just look at it floating over there so tranquil. Maybe if someone is careful, like really careful, with the caution of a rebel soldier stealing a kiss from his boss’s wife they can avoid its snare. What does it think it is, it’s just a plant, I’m a higher life form, aren’t I? It’s possible, it’s definitely possible just hold on a second, I’m going to get it.

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