It’s hard to hear orders when your heart is beating in your ears. For the moment, Thuku was glad he was the one giving the orders. “Spread out, converge, recover.” Now, his orders were pursue and recover; dead or alive.

Sorio prison housed the most dangerous felonies on the planet. These were not just people who killed for sport, these were people with unique abilities. He’d been given their information only 24 hours ago, 026 – Weigon captured after he set fire to his fifth victim and started eating him while he was aflame, 065 Konzi Nezula caused the destruction of the 80-storey building with the summoning of a meteorite. The truth was these individuals should have been killed but the government wasn’t sure how and what would happen. So Sorio facility had been set up, it was more of a babysitting facility than anything else where these felons were kept together, placated and prevented from getting out.

They’d gotten out, most of them. No one knew why but in that panic one of his troops had opened fire and Konzi was one of the fatalities they had recorded. Nothing happened. As waves of relief swept through the unit the information was relayed back to mission control. When they were shot they dropped like any man would and they would die. Their mission had changed instantly capture all of them, use the element to surprise to return them dead or alive.

They were now on the trail of 085, the youngest inmate in Sorio but one of the most powerful, Anano. The boy had once robbed a bank by running straight through the front door, through the wall and bursting through the vault lock. He’d grabbed a sack of money and run through the rear as the bank got a new back door through the vault.

As they pursued him, he had killed two of his men. Thuku wasn’t sure he could bring Anano in alive but they were here now. He could see the boy, only 17 years old, leaning against the remains of an abandoned project. He ordered for the gas canisters to be launched. Anano was strong but he wasn’t fast and the gas was toxic. He was soon brought to his knees and Thuku’s unit dragged him out of the cloud. Veins could be seen forming on his face as the poison took effect.

“I surrendered, why did you shoot me?”

“Surrendered? You killed my men boy!”

“Which men?”

“Near the hills, you hit one of our vehicles and caused it to roll over,”

“That wasn’t me.” He said. He was now heaving and started to cough blood.

“Then who was it?”


Anano let out a contemptuous chuckle, “Kolios has been dead for three years and even alive he’s never had that strength. He’s small time.”

“You’re wrong. He’s alive, he’d been growing stronger with time and angry. So much anger. We didn’t escape from Sorio, we fled from Kolios. He’s coming back wanting more.”

There was tense silence for a moment, Thuku lifted Anano up. “You’re telling me that someone who could set others on fire together with someone who can run through a stone wall had to run away?”

“He’s on another… Oh no. He’s here.”

Thuku turned but couldn’t see anyone.

“He’s right there, look!” Anano was pointing next to one of their vehicles, none of the others saw anything. In fact, had a hand not gone through Thuku’s back and torn out his heart, he’d never have believed that Kolios still lived.






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