My first vehicle was won, not bought. It was earned at the tiny Megaboson arena in the Eastern District of Planet Desna. I remember the small crowd cheering my name as a new champion rose in the arena, hopefully, one who would go on to the Ethereal Colosseum. There, misfits became heroes, those with no names had had 80,000 strong calling out for them; you became a god there. That’s what made it so Ethereal. My last opponent had been particularly tough, we’d fought each other many times at training camps so we knew each other’s styles but I prevailed. With a blunt thud, his skull had given way and I rose to claim my prize. It was more than a means to travel. I now had somewhere to rest my head when the storms that raged this planet fell.

The truth was that I hated the fights but I was good at it. I stayed long enough to make some money but I was never going to rise to the top with my kind of attitude even I knew that.  I took time off to do some exploring.

Beyond the red nebula, I ran into life, sapient life. The discovery of a new ecosystem would have got me more than a state commendation. I decided to first introduce myself. The dominant species there was peaceful, even introduced me to their leaders. The United Nations they called it. As I told them how I won my vehicle they grew more uncomfortable and when I told them of my last opponent they were all mortified. It seemed the talks would take a break.

I never understood why they got so shocked about it. It was even encouraged in that power book they all read: for the son to succeed, he must first kill the father.


Inspired by the Twitter Trend #MyFirstVehicleWas  

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