The hot sands of the Sahara blew across the lands spreading their dry air of desolation even further. Inside a cavern, a debate of astronomical proportions took place.  Sesios scratched his imaginary chin as he pondered his granter’s request. What is your name again?

“My name is Meho M-29 and I am here to serve you.”

Sesios swirled around the robot filling the cavern with green smoke. “This is not how it usually works, people rub my lamp because they want me to grant their wish. Do you not have a wish you want granted?”

The silicone lips parted and the same request came out, “my wish is to serve you.”

“yes, you’ve said that already. Your wish is my command sounds a lot better but I guess with your capabilities this will have to do. Are their no humans around? Maybe you could have asked them for something.”

A light appeared from Meho’s eye as he activated his projector capabilities ” It has been 50 years since the last man fell. He created me to serve him in every way he desired but after his demise, I was left alone. I discovered the map to this location and you are the closest to a human I have met with an 80 percent match. Therefore, I wish to serve you.”

The video ended and the genie now holding his head on his lap looked at the robot with eyes of comprehension.

“Well, this is an awkward predicament, the one who set me free wishes to serve me. I wonder what I want…”

“Maybe this is the meaning of free will humans struggled with so much, I can have anything I want but what do I want? I’ve never really bothered with that.” He turned to Meho, “you don’t know what you really want either, and you’re only following me because you can’t choose your own path.”

“I have been cooped up in there for a long time. I know, we’ll go to the realm of Gerizen, I’ve always wanted to explore it.”

Sesios waved his hands and a portal began to form from his smoke trail. As he was about to go in Meho asked with great expectation, “What is my task sir?”

“Your task? Oh, there’s that, your task is to guard this portal until I get back. Understood?”

“Yes, of course!” Meho said straightening. He adjusted his settings to guard mode as Sesios floated into the green light.






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