The bell of the shaman’s shop jingled as a potential customer walked in but there was no need to really. The shaman’s bell was more for the customer, letting them know that he knew they were there. At the door was a young man in a generic black suit with a white shirt and a thick beard on his chin. He looked at the counter for a bit before deciding to roam by himself.

The shaman felt like pointing out the petty revenge section to the man, he knew the type but the man found the section by himself.  He looked at some of the curses on display picking an ointment labelled Food Temperature. The shaman appeared behind the man startling him as he asked, “Can I help you?”

“How does this work?” the startled man asked.

“You apply the appointment on your hand then shake the hand of your target. For the rest of the day, the first three bites or sips of anything they eat will be too hot and after that too cold. Best recommended against those who like soup.”

The man seemed to do some quick arithmetic in his mind before placing it down and moving on to a dream-catcher labelled Multi-Level. “And this?” he asked afraid to touch it.

The shaman moved closer, “That’s a multi-level dream catcher place it over your bed with a personal item of your target. For a week, when you fall asleep, you will appear in your victim’s dreams as a multi-level-marketing recruiter offering them an opportunity to make millions if they sign up for your reward program.”

The man seemed to light up at this but he did not pick up any of the items.

“There’s also the naked runner catcher,” the shaman said lifting up a dream-catcher with peacock feathers. “With this, the person dreams they are walking through the streets at night and then they see you running to them naked. Some buy it for different purposes though.”

The man looked at the two dream-catchers. “Is there one that is a combination of these?”

The shaman did the mental sums, “It could be done but would be charged as two dream-catchers.”

“I’ll take two of the modification,” the man said with a victorious smile, “Do you have a reward points system?”

The shaman lifted an eyebrow.

Then he responded, “Of course we do I’ll get you a card.”


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