Tina Mond swung to and fro in her easy chair and as she did the light from her trophies glinted in her eye. She kept seeing it over and over as she had since her high-school science project took her to the nationals, Tina Mond: Dominant.  The rail fuse next to her told a different story altogether. The letters refocused, a bad habit she’d maintained since her youth seeing what new words she could make. She could only make one, rail fuse: failures.

Short circuit after short circuit had resulted from the new system installed and now the company was facing a litigation suit because of it. A fire warning system had failed to activate and three houses had burned down. All analysis pointed at the systems short circuit beginning at the fuse.

She’d always imagined her company going down due to laxity and being out innovated by others but instead, she was facing a massive lawsuit whose payout could result in hundreds of millions. A recall could also be required and that would result in further losses. She needed to know, which idiot had been hired through the back door and caused this fall in standard. She took one of them apart.

Its length was of the same size as all the rest, nothing looked out of place. She held the metal fuse close to her eye there was something off about it. She had the lab report next to her and she spotted it. With self-righteous fury, she called Dave.

“Miss Mond?”

“Who the hell instructed you to reduce the copper to zinc ratio. No wonder they short-circuited, the alarms would go off but their fuses were too weak to maintain the siren so they deactivated.”

She heard papers shuffling then the response, “that would be you, madam.”


“On 6th October this year. You personally came and told us to reduce the amount of copper by one percent to make a ratio of 63:37 .”

“I would never give such a stupid order and if I did I would remember it.”

“Well, it was in the factory and there are cameras, it’s possible that security footage caught you giving that order. We could review the tapes.”

“Never mind, I’ll do it myself.”

She disconnected and marched to the security department still on a crusade against incompetence. She ordered for footage from that day and went to view them in the security head’s office as he was instructed to be elsewhere.  The tapes were brought and the rest of her afternoon was spent reviewing footage.

Her veins were still twitching in rage until she reached 12:35 of the gate video. She caught herself walking into the company, not driving as she usually did. She was in a dress she never remembered buying, with a hairstyle she would never wear to work because no one would take her seriously.

Her mouth dropped when at 12:58 at factory cam 3 she saw herself ordering Dave to make the change to the compounds and promising the paperwork later in the day.

“The hell?” those words played over and over in her mind. If her memory had any recollection of that day, she had taken the day off to deal with her pneumonia. She had been in her bed the whole day. She tried to see the memories. She remembered waking up at 7 AM, then going back to bed after breakfast then…. that’s all she’d done hadn’t she? She called home in anticipation, the answer would determine a lot.

Inspired by Daily Post: Dominant

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