He could disappear. In the blink of an eye, he could go from Alaska to Bujumbura. He’d used his ability to gain wealth: illegally of course. Blink’s escapades were now the stuff of legend. Bank vaults were cleared with no alarms going off, luxury cars taken for joy rides and the police finding no culprit when they finally stopped the car. The only one who could catch up was me. I couldn’t disappear, but I could run. I ran fast: faster than the Ferrari he stole, faster than a .303 mm bullet with my name on it. I remember keeping up with the Nasa X-43 jet when it went on its test runs. Mach 3 was a breeze, Mach 6 required some huffing and puffing but I was still with it. As it reached its limits we were approaching the ocean. I could have turned back, but then how would I have known my limits. As it reached water it went full throttle.

So did I.

It cut through the air; I buoyed across the water. Mach 9.6, 11,850 km/hr and we were neck and neck. Then I kicked in my reserves and as I zoomed past Mach 10 I left it in my wake.

I mastered the pattern in Blinks attacks. Catching him was not as hard as keeping hold of him. He’d left me stranded in the Sahara, Arctic circle, Antarctica, and the center of the Pacific. He studied me as I studied him. He knew I couldn’t keep my pace for long I learned that his disappearance could be controlled by an outsider holding him. It’s like a muscle. If someone pushes you from behind you either start walking or fall over. If I held on and concentrated on a place, I could alter our course.

“This has been fun, but I need to end you now. No more running. The next time I see you, you’re a dead man.”  That’s what he told me the day I managed to hold him and change his teleportation straight to prison. He’d managed to escape but now I knew he could be beaten.

Now, we were both covered in our own blood at Sanyon’s Cliff, He’d sliced my right Achilles tendon. I don’t know if I’d be able to use it again. He appeared and disappeared so fast there appeared to be six of him.

“This is where your foolishness ends! You should have never got involved,” all 6 said.  They approached all taking one step closer. I threw a rock at one. It went through. I did the same to the others and it went through all. I couldn’t rely on a lucky shot I had to wait. As they took a step, making their ring smaller I stood, turned, and launched myself at the one behind me. My hands felt firm flesh. I leaped and we went over the cliff.

I concentrated on the image of the cliff. We vanished and appeared two feet above where we had been and fell again. We disappeared once more and again, appeared a few feet above where we were.  He tried it over and over, our speed ever increasing until exhausted, we fell to the rocks beneath.

“Are you mad! you’ll get us both killed.”

“If that’s what it takes to stop you so be it.”

“This is insane! we could be rulers of this world and yet you settle for anonymous acts of kindness as some plebian tool to be trampled on by lesser men and women.”

“Maybe we could, but not this way. Not with fear.” I looked into his eyes, I could see the fear and in them, I caught my own filled with resignation. As acceptance filled his mind I once more caught the similarities we had and as the hard rocks appeared to grow larger, I had time to say, “I’m sorry it came to this son.”

Inspired by Daily Prompt: Blink

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