On the cold surface of planet Reda shadows darted like flies on Red Bull. At half the size of earth, Reda’s weak gravity still trapped its oxygen but it was weak enough for the average man to clear ten feet without breaking a sweat. Eric had done just that, taking out a target and landed hanging on the second floor of a watch post. He pulled himself up, into the structure and waited as members of the red team started to circle the area.

The only thing he had was the element of surprise.  He took aim and fired. His target 500 metres away clutched his arm before a second shot in the chest incapacitated him.  He turned left and aimed 30 degrees upwards. The pellet shot to the sky and with its curved trajectory hit his second target. He looked at his map. He’d hit a target 1.5 kilometres away.  He signed it into his book with a smile on his face. It was a personal best.

As he bent to tuck his book into his pocket, the wall exploded into a cloud of dust as a pellet nearly hit home. He lay down and started to crawl to the other side of the building. He went to the next room and took out his binoculars. He saw three red team members on the roof of an adjacent watchpost.

Then one disappeared.

It happened so fast he didn’t see it as he focused on the other two.  The two seemed to communicate as well wondering where their colleague had gone to. A figure jumped onto the roof of the five-storey structure. It grabbed the second one in a rear naked choke and pulled him to the edge and both fell backward. The final soldier on the roof ran to where it had happened. He looked over the ledge and Eric saw a hand shoot up, grab his collar and pull him down beyond view.

He activated his radio, “This is War Dog requesting status on the Red Team.”

A response cackled back “This is command control, Red Team appears to be immobilized.”

“By who?”

“Was it not your own team War Dog?”

“Negative sir. I was the only one left and no one on my team moves with such agility.”

An interlude of silence elapsed before new instructions came in.

“Report to base immediately War Dog you will be briefed further from there. Consider the exercise completed”

Eric descended, leaped from the building hurtling 30 metres ahead. He somersaulted as he hit the ground and ran back to base. As he passed the building where the Red Team had been he saw a single figure. He approached it. It turned to face him.  As he approached, it squatted then launched itself into the air. It shot upwards, becoming a dot in the sky before its trajectory changed 90 degrees and it shot Eastwards with a trail of black smoke behind it.

As he took out his radio, he remembered the cave they’d opened a week ago. His general had said it was just a hole in the earth but the geologist had said it was a tomb. In fact, maybe a holding block.


Inspired By Daily Post: Agile

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