Looks could kill, Izori could testify to that. There was a certain look commander Prasas shot at you and you instantly knew you were a condemned man. Some would even place bets on how much time you had left. Fortunately, today was not his day. Prasas had only given him a look that said, “you need to be exiled to one of those far posts. Somewhere where I can forget your existence and mistakes.”

The ship set down on the blue tarmac of planet Lusa as it’s evening set in. Izori’s welcome committee consisted of Sergeant Kafa by himself.

“Izori Auxtas,” he stretched out his claws, “welcome to planet Lusa.”

Izori stretched out his own and they created a spark of static to acknowledge one another.

“So who did you offend to get sent here?”

Izori was mortified, “what makes you think I did anything wrong?”

Kafa gave him a dull look, “Nobody gets posted here unless they’ve done something wrong.”

Izori wanted to protest further but the sergeant’s knowing look told him he’d know if he was lied to.  “I  didn’t study adequately for a human reconnaissance mission.”

“Uh-huh, how bad was it?”

“Spectacularly bad, I did not have enough knowledge of their customs to blend in. Apparently, humans do not let others urinate on their property as a sign of kinship.”

Kafa shot him a curious look, “no they don’t.”

“They also care for their pets and if one attempts to bite them they do not retaliate by biting back.”

“Are you saying you bit a human’s pet?”

“It was a dog and it’s the one that started it. I read that the females are particularly impressed by acts of valor. I thought it would make me more endearing.”

Kafa did not respond to this and instead, marched with Izori’s luggage in silence. Izori though had something he needed to know.  “I’m curious Kafa, what did you do to get sent here? You said everyone’s done something to get sent here.”

“They said I didn’t study either but honestly, how was I supposed to know that their sports aren’t fought to the death.”

Inspired by Daily Prompt: Study

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