Within the halls of the guild of heroes a meeting took place.

Makim sifted through the scrolls scratching his beard. Nothing about it indicated a problem. He pored through it ending at the bottom with the picture of his latest failed venture.

He turned to Sasani, “Is this how all recruits are progressing? What happened to the one you were to go see five days ago?”

“He quit.” Sasani responded.

“What? But why? he had everything going on for him, he was at least six feet tall with hair that cascaded down his shoulders like rain streaking down glass windows in mesmerizing rivulets. What did you tell him?”

“I told him everything Makim. I even showed him where he could find the stone to pull the sword from and some tricks to achieve it in five easy steps.”

“So why did he turn you down?”

“He said that he was worried about the work life balance our program offered and the lack of an insurance policy.”

Makim snorted, “He said this?”

“He did and this was after I threw open a portal.”

Makim stood from his seat and walked to the window. Girls blessed with pixie dust at birth and boy’s with yin-yang birthmarks were no longer walking into their offices for a change of mystery, magic and restoring balance to the universe. The only thing he was certain was that when this generation grew older they would have a hard time talking about back in the day when men were men and women were women. He sat down.

“Are there any suggestions?” he asked the room.  Silence was the only response he got. He slammed his fist on the round table jolting many awake.

“This guild has survived 1500 hundred years of war, pestilence and poverty. It is not going to wither and die because some princes would rather hold an election than try to solve their people’s problems themselves, it is not going to fade into the night because people with birthmarks of greatness have decided they would rather be dentists than risk it all to slay a dragon. It will fight! It will bring forth a new age of heroes and we will rise.” He then jumped onto the table and pulled out his sword. Rays of light scattered in polychrome shades as it gleamed in the sunlight.

Cheers rang from all sides as others rose to their feet drawing their swords out and pointing them in the air.

Makim turned to the Rawiz, “Open a portal Rawiz take me to earth. Sasani, if the next recruit seems reluctant draw out your sword and tell them that we are all for one and one for all. That’s sure to pull them in.”

“Sure will Sir.” Sasani said beaming at his leader’s new found resolve. “Going on a new quest sir?”

“No,” Makim started as he stroked his beard walking towards the now active portal, “I need to see my dermatologist, I think there’s some ingrown hairs that need tweezing.”









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