Chef Tuwile turned the veal in the sauce a few times before letting it settle once more. The secret, which only he knew, was to let it sleep for 6 hours not the 12 that most people went for.  He put his legs on the desk as he admired the plaques and photos on his wall.

The oldest showed him at his youngest, before he became a victim of his own good food. Not getting high on your own supply was easier said than done for him. He admired the photo of him holding a dummy cheque after he discovered the secret behind Plucky’s Grilled Chicken. For more than 100 years the company had remained a fast food giant thanks to its secret recipe. The secret had stayed between 3 people for more than a century. Then, at only 13 years old, Tuwile had broken it down with one bite of a thigh. He’d then gone home and replicated the meal breaking the monopoly and ushering a new age of celebrity chefs.

He was currently the ruler of his own culinary empire. One where chefs would fry and steam to earn his approval. Now, the smell of shrimp  was wafting in as Gasira tried to earn his smile. She was good but in his presence she could as well have been boiling grass in tin a of water.

The sizzling was interrupted by the sound of someone yelling. “He needs to see this, get out. Move!” Tuwile opened the door to see Kubo pushing his way in with a delivery box.

Kubo saw his boss and at once opened the box. Inside was a bowl of soup covered with a plastic wrapper.

“Taste it sir.”

“The hell is this?”

“It’s soup sir. You have to taste it.”


“It’s a new secret recipe.”

Tuwile felt the bowl, it was cold. With disdain he ordered for it to be microwaved. Kubo did so and presented it to him again.

Tuwile took a small spoon of the liquid and a peace of meat. The frown turned into a smile. His eyes grew and he shook his head in pleasure.

“My God what the hell is in this?” He started his analysis, veal, coriander, onions, the oil the used, Pori, not so good, some garlic and… and…”

He chewed in concentration, ” What the hell is in this?” he asked confused.

“The same thing I thought it’s an entirely new flavour.”

“but how?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where did you get this?”

“It was  roadside seller, I was offered a bowl yesterday by a friend and I had to bring it to you.”

“We have to find them before anyone else.”

“I’ll show you the corner sir at once.”

Tuwile turned to Robert who knew what the look in his eyes meant. It meant he’s in charge and nothing better burn until he’s back.

With that, Tuwile took off his white coat and put on his leather jacket. They needed to get to him before some other restaurant did; the hunt was on.

Inspired by: Daily Prompt: Spicy

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