The first time you see a Draki from the Venusian galaxy you feel pity for them sweating it out in their orange jumpsuits. They seem to lack the speed and quickness of other species. They amble, saunter, stroll but they can’t run or even trot. God forbid one is required to dash to save its life. I’ve seen them walking across the station many times but never really bothered with them, they seemed to always keep to themselves. That’s until one was called to our station to fix the Gyro stabilizer.  As it went about with the wrenches I had to try and talk to it.

“How come you never take off your suits?”

A voice responded through a radio on the suit, “Galactic rules,”

“Who came up with those galactic rules?”

“The rulers of planet Draki.”

“Why would they put up such a rule?”

“Apparently, we’ve been known to create a bit of chaos.”

“Why?… are you uh…you know … disfigured.”

“What? no, on the contrary they say we are too beautiful.”

“Too beautiful? like what I’ll worship your figure or something.”

“Something like that, apparently we became the apex species of our planet by having the rest worship our looks.”

“Like a panda?” Bisimwa asked from across the room, “I sometimes feel they are the true rulers of our planet. We are just humble servants.”

It laughed, “I have seen your pandas, but they not yet there. No Drakian reveals themselves until they are old and some of the beauty has faded. If not, no work will take place on the planet. Our neighbors only trade with us if we are like this.” It closed the hatchet it was trying to fix with a part still out. It stood up and showed the thing to me. “This was burned out. They’re meant to last 5 earth cycles but that’s what you get for buying parts from Ragra. I’ll return after lunch with the replacement.”

It stood to leave but my curiosity was aroused, “I want to see,”


“You said you are too beautiful to resist and now I want to see.”

“Oh no, absolutely not. I could get into a lot of trouble.”

“Just one look, I’m not even asking for much. A peek won’t hurt.” I turned to Bisimwa who had been also come closer to see this.

“We’re made of stronger stuff here on earth. Come on, show us.”

Sensing they would be offended, it began to key in a code on its hand device. A few clicks were heard as it’s head device unlocked and it lifted its visor off.

“My god,” Bisimwa started.

“Hold your mouth fool,” I replied.  “You’re definitely beautiful. But look, do you see us…me going crazy?”

“Well,” it scratched its head, “I guess you humans might be different.” It started to put its helmet back on.

“Look, after lunch, why don’t you let me finish that work for you.”  I said as it started to leave.


“Sure, just relax, It’ll all be taken care of.”

“I don’t think I could allow you to…”

“Get a hold of yourself,” Bisimwa cut in. “You can’t do that, it’s against policy and could get it in trouble.”

“Thanks you for understanding,” it said smiling at him.

“but going out and buying the device, that I can do for you, can’t I?” He continued.  “In fact, why don’t we go together as I buy you lunch.”

“Now wait one minute, are you thinking of leaving all the afternoon work to me?”

“You had already offered to do it…”



Inspired by  Daily Prompt: Amble

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