The noon sun had chased most sensible people into the shadows and Ridegas drive was quiet. The bushes near the street fountain though bustled with life and a single eye inspected the only two humans that were there.

Cupid had fluttered over the man’s head as he walked on and had been staring at the woman to see if they matched. Satisfied at the prospects he nocked an arrow into his bow. Some people believed that he created love. How far from the truth that was. He only created situations where people could strike conversation. The rest was all up to them.

His fingers were still throbbing from all the shots he’d made the past week. People were always frisky at this time of year.  He heard a perfect shot.  If he could just shoot the girl’s phone to drop on the boy’s…

“Stop!” a shrill voice yelled. A hand blocked Cupid’s view and he let go of the arrow in surprise. It bounced on the concrete and then vaporized as he summoned it back into his quill.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Cupid looked up to see his brother Dipuc standing over him; arms folded and nostrils fuming in rage.

“Well?” Dipuc yelled.

“What? I’m just doing my job setting up a pair of people.”

“No. Not like this you don’t.”

“What’s the problem?” Cupid asked setting his bow back over his shoulder.

“The problem is that you are a reckless imbecile who has no idea what you do. You shoot the arrows and set the ball rolling but I’m the one who stays there and has to run things to the end. Now look at them, do you really think that these two are best for each other?”

Cupid looked at the woman squinting in concentration. “Well they do seem like a perfect match to me. I’m I missing something?”

“Look at her, did you see the tribal tattoo on her back. The one that’s gotten larger with time because she kept cancelling her new boyfriend’s name every time a relationship went south.  Now she’s running out of space so she wrote one on her arm. It’s still sore because of the rewrite the artist had to do not to mention she’s wearing a hood she stole from a store.”

“So maybe she had some bad meetings. I’m not the one who introduced her to them. I think this is the one to get things right.”

“Don’t you think she might be a bit too much for him?”  Dipuc’s eyes fell on the boy who now sat on the bench left leg resting on his right knee his head was bent back so that he soaked in the full force of the sun’s rays. His glasses had dropped to his nose and he pushed them back to his eye level.

“No. Absolutely not.” Cupid responded.

“I don’t believe this; I’m going over to talk to him.” With that Dipuc walked out of the bushes. Black jeans grew instantly and the dry leaves wrapped around his feet toughening with every microsecond. By the time he was at the bench he wouldn’t have looked out of place in a college cafeteria.

“Excuse me” he said as he sat next to the young man forcing him to scoot nearer to the girl. Dipuc and him exchanged glances. It was quick but long enough for his effect to start. He could see the man loosening up. He could talk anything to him.

“Hot day huh, ” Dipuc started.

“Absolutely flaming,” came the response. Dipuc was hit with smelly, alcohol-laced breath from the man’s mouth.

“You feeling it right?” he continued as he turned to the girl. She rolled her eyes then went back to her phone.

“Looks like you had a wild night” Dupic pressed on.

“ Ha the craziest.” the boys said. He slapped Dipuc’s shoulder and moved closer so that Dipuc could see the eyes still glazed. “My friend’s car was dirty and he was to wash it yesterday but then I had this idea. instead of just picking up the trash then washing it today, why not drive around throwing it at any person who’s driving with their window low enough?”  He burst out in laughter.

Dipuc did not join in the laughter. “You did that huh?”

“Yeah then as we were heading home we met this blind guy who lives a floor below us getting into his home. He’d put his shopping bag down and we saw a bottle of Smirnoff in it. Just before he bent over to pick it we managed to snag it, was a perfect finish to a great night, you want to see the pictures we took later?”

He unlocked his phone. Dipuc showed no interest but he could see the girl inching closer with a look of awe on her face.

Dipuc turned to cupid. The cherub shrugged his shoulders as he nocked an arrow again. He then turned to Dipuc as if asking for approval. Dipuc shook his head, it’s not like the arrow was needed anymore but it was probably best to follow procedure. He stood arms raised as if in surrender. “Fire at will boy, don’t need me telling you to do your job.”

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