Dear Diary,

I have never considered myself afraid of any person living or dead. I do not believe in the supernatural and always thought I would go to any lengths to find answers. I’m beginning to question a lot of what I believe in.

Two days ago I tracked down the car I observed in footage number 33168T. I never told you about it because I thought I was nuts at the time but here I go. Two months ago I was reviewing the traffic cams near the Southern Bypass; fairly normal procedure. I was just checking to make sure everything was working well. It had rained that day so there were puddles everywhere.

I was watching camera I-12-J and something caught my eye. I rewound the footage to see a car zoom past doing maybe 90. It goes through a puddle of water, there’s a big splash and it moves on. A second car does the same thing. The third car though. I watch it going at around the same speed and when it goes over the puddle there’s nothing. Not a single drop splashes, like it’s riding through air or something. None of the cars after it do the same thing. They all throw some water up.

As I was reviewing the action I tried to record its registration number but the sun was reflecting of the number plate at an angle so I couldn’t read it. I look at the information from the next camera it’s the same situation. In fact, as I go through the logs I realize there is not a single camera on the highway that has recorded this car’s licence plate.

Now my interest is piqued so I start trailing it to before it came into the highway. I’m taken all the way back to a small store just at the outskirts of the city.

I physically went to the store. It sold herbs and spices and the smell could knock you out. There was an old lady in charge who I showed the picture of the car. It’s not hard to remember, a dark green Mercedes. The old lady was pretty welcoming. She said that the car belonged to one Ozanius Enai. She says he visited every week to gather items for his restaurant.

I left and at once and did some digging on this Ozanius character. It turns out that he’s the owner of one of the classier uptown places.  I decide to continue my investigations. Remember, everything is off the record.

It was on a Wednesday afternoon when I waited outside his place in my car. I caught him coming out of the kitchen to meet with another person. The other party had a parcel which Ozanius takes as they shake hands. The man doesn’t stay for long, instead, he leaves almost immediately. Ozanius watched him get into his car and leave then he gets his phone and starts to make a call. My phone starts ringing.

I pick it up.

“Have I broken any law?” his voice asked. I see Ozanius’s mouth moving in synchrony. He’s looking right at me hand in pocket cool as a summer breeze.

I’m in shock and could barely respond he repeats the question, “Have I done anything wrong?”

I tell him, “no, none at all.”

“So why are you following officer? Or maybe you saw some trick with the light I did? People fall for those so easily.”

I kept quiet so he went on.

“If I see you again I might have to follow up on this meeting. Are you sure you want to dig deeper into this matter?”

“Well?” He yelled.

“The matter’s rested.” I replied

He disappeared round a corner. I tilted my head trying to get a better view.

“Smart choice,” came the reply as he tapped my shoulder.

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